7 Facebook Ads Tips for Search Marketers & Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics at Ad:tech Sydney 2012

Here are my notes from Rattan Muttoo from Marin Software’s presentation on 7 Facebook Tips for Search Marketers & Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics at Adtech Sydney:

Thursday, march 15, 11:00am – 12:00pm

This session will outline the best practices for integrating and optimising Facebook campaigns including… How to measure the “influence” that Facebook Ads have on downstream searches and conversions, how to segment and target audiences on Facebook using age, geo, gender to reduce costs. How to increase your click-through rates by making simple adjustments to a creative image, how to avoid “ad blindness” by rotating your ads regularly to boost click-through rates and ROI & finally whether you should keep users on Facebook fan pages or redirect them to your website.     

In Australia – 11million users

Fastest growing demographic in US is cougars and grandmas

New Facebook Ad units that are rolling out become more creative

Case Study- Pow Wow Sports


  1. Increase Brand Likes
  2. Increase online sales
  3. Increase Email Database

Want to sell home and away Waratah rugby Jerseys

1)      Use Keyword Stemming to find Interests

Easily expand your audience with suggested likes

2)      Target Friends of Fans

Advanced Targeting – can target people in an event page or app if you are an administrator, or target their friends

3)      Expand to Fans of Related Brands

E.g. Rebel Sport, Super Rugby, Waratahs

Leverage off big brands that are already on Facebook

Target people who like “Sonny Bill Williams”

4)      Micro Segment Your Audience

Key thing you need to do – segment all your audience, understand your audience, gender, different age groups, education, and MOST IMPORTANT – Likes and Interests

5)      Test images before copy

Draw attention to ads with contrasting colours

Link images to audience to increase relevance

6)      Keep ads fresh

Finely targeted audience x 4 hours/week on Facebook = Ad Blindness

Rotation = Optimisation

Rotate ads every X days, or as impressions or click through-rate drop

7)      Best Practice : Maintain the Facebook Experience

Good examples of Facebook Timeline Pages:

The Highlanders – Super Rugby Team


Social Influences Search

Consumers exposed to a brand’s social media are 50% more likely to click on paid search ads

E.g. Once you have visited and clicked on something on Asos, they will actually follow you around with banner ads

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