Affiliate Summit Keynote Speaker & Kangaroo will wear YOUR Company T-shirt for Charity #ASE12

Hey guys,

I would love to wear YOUR company T-shirt during my keynote and the entire conference including all video interviews in exchange for a direct donation to charity. I can even thank your company in my speech/slides and give blog posts and backlinks on and

Would love your help and support – if you know anyone that may be interested in this (maybe a client, friend or company you manage) can you please forward this message and hit share on Facebook and Twitter? (any website with an affiliate program would get a huge benefit!)

As you may know I am really excited to be the first ever Australian to be Keynote Speaker of the World’s Largest Affiliate Marketing Conference, Affiliate Summit, with 5000 of the biggest Affiliates and Social Media Influencers on the planet, held at the Hilton Grand Ballroom in New York City this August 14 at 330pm.

I would appreciate you letting me know the best you can offer by emailing me dave ‘at’ or entering your bid now here.

The charity auction ends 31st July so please let me know urgently. I am prepared to pull the auction early if I can find the right company, (e.g. if you could offer $5000 to charity I could confirm right away and start promoting). But ANY amount you could bid would be appreciated, would really appreciate offering $1000 or $1500 would work well to start us off!

You would be donating the full amount directly to charity.

I can put your logo and website on screen and even hyperlink it, my slides are put on slideshare which are again tweeted out by Affiliate Summit and everyone and always get thousands of views.

I can even bring a large plush Kangaroo and that can sit on stage wearing your T-shirt too!

Also remember unlike normal sessions, the entire keynote is filmed and put on Youtube by Affiliate Summit and sent out to everyone straight after and kept online forever.

You also get the FIRST and signed COPY of my book “The Four Year Old Entrepreneur: 7 Secrets to Making Money with Blogging, Facebook Marketing & Twitter for Business”.

I will thank your company at the start of my keynote and also at the end when I explain how the audience can vote for their favourite charities and fundraisers via the Non-Profit Charity Fundraising Social Network (in honour of my cousin Jim). People such as my fellow Affiliate Summit teammates in the Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation Runyon5K and the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer can submit their official fundraising pages which we help promote – you would be the inaugural sponsor and official August sponsor and at the end of August you will donate the $5000 directly to charities via the Top 20 Fundraising Pages with the most votes.

This will engage the audience and entire community online like wildfire – because THEY are all a part of it, and they are all invited to submit their favourite charities and vote up fundraising pages so their friends and favourite charities can win donations.

There is huge potential for the site to go viral – it is starting with the Affiliate Summit community, every person who votes or submits shares to their friends on Facebook and people post dares they will do for charity to get even more attention, like this idiot from Australia daring to plank during the Affiliate Summit Keynote for Cancer Research 😉

With all the interviews and build up to the conference online it would create such a MASSIVE viral buzz on Social Media from now until the keynote and beyond. This is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the leading affiliates, publishers and bloggers in the world.

The $5000 will need to be donated in the first week of September. At the end of August I will send you a list of the Top 20 Fundraising Pages on with the most votes (most likely from the Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer) and you will make the donations directly via their fundraising pages.

You will be donating the ENTIRE AMOUNT DIRECTLY to government registered charities – neither myself, nor Affiliate Summit, nor any other company receives one red cent.

For more details you can download this PDF Proposal.

Would REALLY appreciate your support and I also want to make this a win/win situation. I LOVE supporting good people who help others and will do everything I can do ensure you receive the value back many times over.

So, what is the maximum you can donate to charity to be the Affiliate Summit Closing Keynote Sponsor and August Sponsor?

Enter your bid now here

P.S. I also need some prizes to give away to the audience during my keynote (last year I gave away a boomerang, didgeridoo and kangaroo) so if you can donate a prize please email me Dave ‘at’ In particular I am seeking:

– A travel voucher for flights / hotels so I can give away a trip to Australia! Such as a $2000 flight voucher (I will promote this heaps for you and it will build such a massive buzz)

– An Apple iPad 3 or $499 via PayPal so I can buy it myself at the Apple Store New York – I am showing an amazing viral publicity example of iClothing by a fashion designer as a case study in my speech and would love to give away an iTee/iDress and be able to have a real iPad in there as a prize to someone in the audience! Will thank and plug your company for providing the prize

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