Brighton SEO Conference 2016 Session Slides and Notes #BrightonSEO


Hey guys, here are my notes from the sessions and a collection of slideshare decks from the BrightonSEO 2016 Conference held on 2nd September 2016 in Brighton UK:

Stacey MacNaught – What can White-hat link builders learn from churn and burn spammers?


How to get links using Image Distribution

Stacey MacNaught from Tecmark showed how to use image distribution for attribution links.

When other sites use your photos you can get links from some pretty high authority sites, like Stacey showed examples of her photos used and attribution backlinks from:


  • Image based KW research
  • Image Acquisition/Creation
  • Host (usually Flickr / Creative Commons)
  • Optimise Images for Search
  • Track Usage and Chase Attribution

More info in Stacey’s guide at

Tools to help find journalists



To find freelance journalists:

Specifically, freelance journalists section on

Feature and Column contribution

Obtain forward features calendars wherever you can e.g. Calendar lists out ahead of time “2016 features month by month”

Paul Madden – Navigating an ocean of link data, a former pirates story

Paul Madden from Kerboo mentioned one strategy that could be used when disavowing:

Total the Majestic TF from the domains you are killing

And try to put that back in with new quality links

Google Page on Link Schemes:

The correct way to disavow links:



Also Reavow works, taking stuff out of the disavow file

But don’t do unless you know what you and doing and prepared for consquences of doing it wrong

Disavow harshly and you will kill the rankings in the same way a penalty would

Link Outreach Tips

Hi Firstname – is the best converting salutation, 15% best

Links from large media outlets in isolation is not that effective. E.g. The Telegraph, Mail Online, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Buzzfeed etc. If you just stop once you get a few links from the nationals, that doesn’t translate into ranking positions as well as you would think. Due to structure of the site on large media outlets and volume of content, link equity dissolves as pages on those big news sites get buried quickly.

National media links work best when combined with secondary link building (get people to link to that, or use it as proof to get more links). Large media outlets don’t seem to provide as much link equity as you’d hope.

If niche publications were included as well as nationals the sites rankings did much better, so vary your link building.

Deeplink from Telegraph had majestic trustflow of 5, whereas link from niche publication had trustflow of 15.

Most content marketing does not get the return to make it worth it alone unless you have the variety. National publications bury the link quickly. Small niche blogs are often too few readers and not enough trustflow or power.

Is the blog itself getting links and coverage, as that is much more valuable. Hence Majestic trustflow.

Some placement observations – blatant still works

Use Majestic TF as a proxy for PageRank now

Variety of backlinks is key


Hannah Bo Banna – Art, virtual snowballs and the feels


Jon Earnshaw – How to avoid a site migration disaster


Aleyda Solis – How to Drive Growth through your SEO Audits: Questions, Validations & Tools to Maximize your Results


Malcolm Coles – SEO for News

A few tips for getting in Google News included having relevant recent content, 2nd search behaviour, click through rate and return rate (bounce rate).

I did a whole blog post on this session by Malcolm Coles from the Telegraph about SEO and Google news, read it here – Google News SEO: How to get into Google News by The Telegraph at BrightonSEO 2016

Laura Hogan – Keyword’s aren’t dead – that’s bull – debunking the myths


Dave Naylor – eCommerce SEO Pitfalls


Will Critchlow – SEO Split Tests you Should Run


Myles Anderson – 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Local Search


Greg Gifford – How to be a Facebook Advert Superhero


Aisha Kellaway – 5 Ways to use PR and fuel your Digital Strategy (Beyond Link Building)


Chris Green – .htaccess Hell – Managing a Migration When There’s No Easy Answer


Nils De Moor – How HTTP/2 will change the web as we know it


Helene Hall – Content marketing framework


Simon Bennison – How to put a price on digital content


Martijn Scheijbeler – Content Marketing, approaching it as a publisher


David Whatley – Why local search should be part of your e-commerce strategy


Lisa Myers – How Changing Your Mind can increase Success


Tom Anthony – Emerging Forms of Search


Anna Lewis – Analytics Horror Stories


Will Critchlow – SEO Split Testing to Move Past Best Practices


Olga Andrienko – Tinder Marketing, Science of A/B Testing and Conversion Optimisation

Phil Nottingham – Optimizing video across social media platforms


Berian Reed – Moving the Dial


Laura Crimmons – Finding the value of Digital PR Beyond the links


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