Chris Pearson Affiliate Summit West 2011 – Increase Website Conversions

Chris Pearson from (creator of the Thesis WordPress Theme) is an awesome speaker and here are some key takeaways from my notes as I was in the audience for his session “Tips and Tricks to Increase Website Conversions” at Affiliate Summit West 2011 in Las Vegas:

Predict what the user is going to do – and help them.

Facilitate them through the process, keep them away from clicking anything else to divert their attention.

Page Headlines – spell out benefits, show how easy, be specific and believable

Body copy – should be benefit focused, not feature laden, overcome objections to capture indecisive people

Picture captions and headlines are read twice as much – so put key benefits here

Risk aversion like guarantees are huge for conversions, esp when around action buttons

Having 1,2,3 offers is great – psychological framing. Question becomes which one should I buy? Not should I buy.

2 or 3 offerings is the magic number. 5 or 10 offerings is too confusing and conversions plummet.

Suggest the most popular option.

Facilitators – Verisign logo, No minimum term, cancel any time.

Attach element of scarcity without being a liar.

Everyone at Affiliate Summit was raving about the Thesis Theme for WordPress as it allows super advanced customization of columns, fast loading and a good theme for SEO.

Chris is the developer of the Thesis WordPress Theme which everyone at Affiliate Summit was raving about – for more information see our Thesis Theme Review.

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