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Working Coupon Code Elite Coupon Codes May 2016

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Coupon Code Elite Example / Demo

Coupon Code Elite by BusinessWebsiteDev is a great little plugin that affiliate marketers can install on their WordPress blogs to help manage coupons. Users will be able to add coupons anywhere within their blog posts. For example, you can display a coupon on a single post, or multiple coupons within a table on a single post. There are many ways that you can style coupons to your liking on your WordPress blog.

The plugins works by allowing visitors to see coupon codes that are displayed as images and not text. They will not be able to highlight and copy the coupon code without clicking the link to open your affiliate link. When they click on the coupon code, it will automatically redirect them to the affiliate link that has be set up for the coupon and copies the coupon code information to their clipboard. Then, users will be able to paste it into the checkout and receive the discount.

You can purchase Coupon Code Elite Single License, 5 site License or Unlimited License. Simply, click on the “Download” button to get instant access to the plugin and all of features for your WordPress blog. Then unzip the file and upload it to the “wp-content/plugins/” folder on your WordPress blog.

You must register and activate the Coupon Code Elite plugin to be able to use it. Then a “Coupon Code” menu is added to your WordPress Admin.

Go to “Settings” to set up the plugin and create your own styles, wording and then add your coupons. Now, you can either create a new blog post, or edit one that you’ve already created.

Use the drop down menu button and select the coupon that you want to place in your blog post.

Additional Coupon Code Elite Features:

Affiliate Link Cloaking – You can select the option for Coupon Code Elite to automatically mask your affiliate links so the ugly tracking url is hidden and they have to click the link, preventing visitors from bypassing your affiliate link and guaranteeing that you receive every commission payment for sales you refer.

Affiliate Link Tracking – Coupon Code Elite can also automatically track your coupon usage so that you can tell how many clicks each coupon link is getting.

Start and Expiry Date for coupons – Optional but you can set coupons to appear and then disappear on certain dates if you wish

Collect Coupon User Feedback – Did this link work for you? – Visitors can click Yes or No if a coupon still works and you can keep track and see which coupons are reported as not working in the admin

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