Get more Facebook Likes to your Facebook Page – Tips from Affiliate Summit Roundtable #ase11

Image Courtesy of Affiliate Summit

My friend Justin Rondeau from was on fire at Affiliate Summit East 2011 at Hilton New York City and did a “high impact” roundtable on How to Create a Likeworthy Facebook Page!

So here are some top tips from Justin’s roundtable for getting more Facebook Likes:

1-      It’s all about ENGAGEMENT

90% of people don’t come back to your page, they just see status updates in their news feed
Very easy for people to unsubscribe / hide so they no longer see your updates
In Analytics – see your unsubscribe / hide rate
Fluff updates – makes you more a person
Facebook comments do get more weight than likes
Best tactic to get likes and comments – ask for it! E.g. Tell me your thoughts, we want to hear from you
AllFacebook did a study, simply ASKING for comments increased response significantly.
E.g. L’il Wayne broke Oreo’s Guiness World Record for the most Facebook Likes in 24hrs, all L’il Wayne did was ASK people to click Like

2-      Don’t post too often

Even people who love you, if you post content way too often, they will unsubscribe / hide you.

Paper for university – found posting too often was the No.1 reason for people unliking you as friends (and these are friends) – can you imagine how easy it is to hide a company page?

Safe number: Once a day, if you are going to post multiple times a day, spread them out several hours.

3-      Use Fan Gates, Call to Action

Big Problem – Not having a landing tab, clear call to action
Fan Gating your content completely is a very good practice, have lots of different ones.
Anything you do that’s not fan gated is a waste of your time.

Make the Fan Gate Page the Default Landing Tab for new visitors by going to:

Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Set Default Tab – if you don’t do this you have wasted your time, as they will hit your page and go to the wall and not see or care about any of the reveal tabs

4-      Don’t sell

Facebook and Twitter are lead gen tools.
Social Media not for selling, it is for lead gen at best.
A LIKE is a microconversion – very tip top of a funnel.
Very delicate, easy for them to drop out.

Tips for Facebook Ads:

70% of the most important part of your ad is the picture – one effective ad was an image with a baby crying – “Don’t cry over bad Fan Pages”
Facebook CTR is completely different to Google. Anywhere between 0.04 and 0.1 is ok, 0.1 is pretty good.

1 pixel surrounding of a bright colour – that contrast with Facebook colours
Use colours that contrast with Facebook to stand out as much as you can, separate yourself from all the noise.

Can make it work with $5-$10 a day
Sponsored Stories – a little more expensive than regular ads but their conversion much better as social proof

Other tips:

Add Facebook Like box to your website / blog

Like this button on all your products

Make sure Facebook Profile Image takes up all the real estate

People on Facebook want to stay on Facebook

If you notice someone on your page who is posting a lot – give them something. They are your brand evangelists and you need to reward them, if only by saying thank you.

Facebook is not something you can outsource, need someone who understands your company and your page.

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