VIDEO: I’m speaking at A4uExpo Europe 2011 about Facebook, Twitter & Blogging – Secrets to More Followers, More Traffic & More Money

I’m really excited to be coming soon to speak at A4uExpo in Munich, Europe’s biggest Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference! Check out my speaker profile on the official A4uExpo site.

I’ll be speaking about Facebook, Twitter and Blogging: Secrets for more Followers, more Traffic and more Money – at 930am on Wednesday 8th June.

What is your session covering and why is it important for our delegates?
My session will be covering lots of tips and tools to supercharge and incentivize Facebook Likes and Blog Subscribers. I’ll give you guys awesome tools to spy on your competitors. We have some fascinating studies about Facebook Ads and what factors make the most difference so you can get the maximum amount of cheapest clicks. And many other case studies showing how social media is changing the web and the best resources so you can implement what actually works.

Why should they choose you?
I started making my first few thousand in Affiliate Marketing while in school age 15, and started a successful ecommerce business during university. I started from zero capital so I had no choice but to do things the cheapest and most efficient way possible, so that’s what I want to share with you all.

What can delegates expect to learn? And what will be the key takeaways?

I’m going to give you guys tonnes of really powerful tools to automate tasks and syndicate your content across social media and other websites. The key takeaways will be to use these tools to give value first, create long term relationships and leverage of strategic partnerships with the influencers. Another two key takeaways will be this authentic boomerang and didgeridoo from Australia! We will have some audience participation and you can win these during my session!

During your session what question would you ask if you were in the audience?

Well I’ll give lots of tips for more Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and Blog Subscribers, an important question people ask is how to get more youtube views! We couldn’t fit it in this time but I’ve done a quick blog post on how to get youtube views and automatically syndicate and upload videos to multiple video sharing sites at so check that out!

Aside from your own session, what other sessions will you be attending at a4uexpo Europe and why?

Geno’s session on Growing Your Affiliate Programme at 2.45 on Tuesday should be interesting as he always has great stuff on his blog.

I’m looking forward to Kick Ass SEO panel at 5.15 on Tuesday, there are some very smart people on that panel like Joost from Yoast, I use lots of his WordPress Plugins. I talk in my speech about how it’s important to choose the gaps in the market so trends and insights on search are very useful for any internet entrepreneur.

Another session Facebook. Advertiser Risks, Strategy & Turbo Tips by Curt Simon Harlinghausen at 11am on Wednesday looks great and he has a photo there with Mark Zuckerberg which got my attention, obviously I think Facebook is a huge opportunity right now.

Also the Panda – The Quality Bear of Search Eats Affiliates session at 3pm on Wednesday should be interesting, many affiliates are worried about the Google Panda update but at the same time change creates opportunity.  There are a lot of good sessions on at that same time, the Clickbank Digital Information Products session looks very cool, and the Smart Link Building session with Kevin from SEOptimise should be excellent too, as I’ve watched some of his other presentations and they are always full of useful resources.

What one piece of advice would you give to delegates attending this years a4uexpo Europe?

I heard some great advice in New York City about networking from this really smart guy Scott Stratten from, he said “get to know the person first, then what they do.”

And that would be my advice to everyone at a4uExpo Europe. I talk in my speech about how social media is all about giving value first, and partnering with influencers. Well, all these people at A4uExpo are the influencers. So you could try and sell to these 1000 people and maybe get a few sales, but if you just gave value first and partnered with these 1000 people, the possibilities are endless. So connecting with other people is what it’s all about, so I look forward to seeing all you guys at all the parties, chatting and meeting with as many people as possible.

So I’ll see you all at the Hilton on the Park in Munich, Germany on June 6, 7 and 8.

If you haven’t got your tickets, go to and use the coupon SPK10 for 10% off.

And I’ll make sure to share all my notes at my blog!

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