Joe Polish Presentation at Clickbank Exchange 2012 – Is Selling Evil? @JoePolish

Hey guys,

Dave here … just chilling in LAX Airport at Starbucks while waiting for my flight back to Sydney. Just getting together my notes from seeing Joe Polish’s session at Clickbank Exchange 2012 in New York. Joe is a cool guy who has made tens of millions of dollars online and runs the Genius Network Mastermind Club (a $25,000 a year coaching club) and commands over $25,000 for half a day of private consulting.

Here are my top tips from his session:

People love to be sold, when you are in an environment where someone is educating you and giving you what you want, that is enjoyable.

If you have told someone else about a book, restaurant or movie you liked and they went and saw it, that is a sale.

You can solve any problem in the world with the right sales letter – the sales letter is the most important thing you need for what you are selling

How well do you attract people with what you are saying and how you are saying it? How to can, clone and replicate that is the key to growing your business

20 years ago Joe was dead broke, 6 years before that was a drug addict, 105lbs at age 18

Marketing is applied psychology – the study of human behaviour

You want to enter a conversation which is existing in your prospects mind

Be nice to the people you meet on the way up, they are going to be the same people you meet on the way down

Entrepreneur – person who takes resources from a lower level of productivity to a higher level. Leave people better off than before they met you, keep making things better

The magic rapport formula

The best way to help the poor is to not be one of them

Most people who cannot learn a skill – it’s their mindset that they go into it thinking that it is a bad thing

How to get people to do what you want them to do?

Figure out what they want, give it to them, and then they will give you want you want

1) Focus on how you will help them … or reduce their “suffering”

Joe says – one of the worst things someone can do is come up to him and say “I have this idea we can make money”.

2) Invest time, money and energy on relationships

Be a fountain not a drain

3) Be the type of person they would “always” answer the phone for

Why do you send someone to voicemail? When they are a drain, when they are a taker not a giver, make sure you’re not that person that when you call

4) Be useful, greatful and valuable

5) Treat others as you would love to be treated

6) Avoid formalities, be fun and memorable, not boring

If you want to gauge the value of a relationship – it’s how often you laugh with the other person

7) Appreciate people

8) Give value on the spot – if you know the answer to somebody, really go out of your way

9) Get as close to in-person as you can

Action Steps (from Dan Sullivan)

The refer-ability habits

1. Show up on time

2. Do what you say

3. Finish what you start

4. Say please and thank you

We all know people that are super talented but we can’t refer people because they don’t meet these refer-ability habits

Go for Premium Price

Joe has sold marketing kits from $497 – $1700 to $1000 a month coaching programs

Philosophy – charge a lot of money for my very best stuff, and the rest of it I will give away for free

Build a platform where the customers ask “can we please buy something?”

If everybody bought by price … everybody would drive a Kia

4 M’s in business – Marketing, Management, Margins, Model

Raise your prices and three things will happen:

1. Your sales will go up
2. Your sales will go down
3. Your sales will stay the same

Larry Steinman’s book – how to sell at prices higher than your competitors. If the average carpet cleaner raised their prices 10%, they could lose as much as 40% of their business and still maintain the same bottom line profits

People in the $25,000 group are much easier to deal with than the $25 client

The only thing worse than no sale is an unprofitable sale. In 1992 Joe was a carpet cleaner – he was actually PAYING money to go and clean carpets 12hrs a day

Most if not all price resistance is in the minds of the seller and not the buyer

Marketing is about positioning – so they are pre-disposed to buy and deal with you

Reasons why you don’t want to mess with price buyers

– they take up your sales time
– they do all the complaining
– they forget to pay you
– they tell other people how little they paid you
– they drive off your good prospects and customers
– they’re not going to buy from you again anyhow
– they’ll require you to “invest up” to supply their needs – and then they’ll blackmail you for yet a lower price
– they’ll destroy the credibility of your price and your service in the eyes of your clients
– they will steal any ideas, information and knowledge they can get their hands on

When someone pays more than $100 to buy a watch, they are not buying a watch, they are buying jewellery

“If your customer truly needs a low price, you can’t afford to sell to them” – Cletus Peichl

The marketplace takes you at your own appraisal

Identify who your very best clients are

Speak Your Mind