List of Top Group Buying Sites in Australia & Tips for Local Businesses

Group Buying Daily Deals sites can be a good source of new customers for local businesses. You have probably heard of Spreets, Scoopon, Groupon and LivingSocial – basically you give a really good deal, and these sites will feature it for the day and email it to their entire database for that city like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide etc. so your offer goes out to hundreds of thousands of local people.

One example I used in my recent presentation was this Amercian Martial Arts Academy which offered 8 Martial Arts Classes for $19, and Living Social featured it for the day and emailed it out to their database of local people nearby in North Orange County, California.

Whether you are a restaurant or fitness gym, to make this work you don’t just want the customer coming once and using the coupon, the key is to turn them into customers for life, so you want to offer them a special deal when they use the coupon and make sure you get them on your Email or Facebook list so you can keep in touch.

Here is a list of the 8 biggest Group Buying sites in Australia as of Oct 2011, which account for 90% of revenue in industry in Australia according to Telsyte Research Group.

I made this list as I was speaking at my Hapkido Master Fari’s seminar for Martial Arts and Fitness Professionals and mentioned in my speech how group buying websites could be a good source of new clients, so here are some that you guys can contact:

Groupon – the largest Group Buying site in the world has recently launched in Australia. Was the fastest company ever to make $1 billion in revenue.

LivingSocial – the 2nd largest Group Buying site in the world, huge in the USA and Europe and has also launched in Australia

Scoopon – launched by the brothers behind CatchoftheDay, the largest Daily Deals website in Australia. I have talked about these guys Gaby and Hezi as a great example of the power of building and marketing to a list many times in my speeches around the world like at A4uExpo Munich and Affiliate Summit New York City. They recently sold a share of their company to James Packer valued at $200 million.

Spreets – founded by Justus Hammer and Dean McEvoy, I saw these guys speak at the Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention in Sydney and mentioned their story in my speeches around the world at Affiliate Summit and A4uExpo, they build up a database of 550,000 members and just 10 months after they started they sold the company to Yahoo!7 in Australia for $40 million.

Cudo– you may have seen their ads on morning TV and Jaynie Seal actually presenting the Deal of the Day live during the ad! – founded by Jeremy Sane a former ANZ Investment Banker, I met him after my presentation at the Affili@Syd Affiliate Marketing Conference in Sydney and he seemed a really nice guy so may be worth getting in touch with him if you need more customers for your local business.

Ouffer – I met the Ouffer CEO Simon Robertson at Affili@Syd and he was also on the Group Buying Panel where they discussed the growth and future of Group Buying in Australia.

OurDeal – rounding out the top eight!

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