Networkedblogs: Automatically publish blog posts to Facebook Page with NetworkedBlogs

A good app for Syndicating your Blog Posts automatically to Facebook is NetworkedBlogs – it publishes your blog posts to your Facebook Page, posts full link with preview image or makes a screenshot if there’s no image in the post.

Basically you start by going to the NetworkedBlogs app and click on “Register a Blog”, and after you fill out your Blog and Feed you click “Syndication” and you can select which Facebook Pages, Profiles or even Twitter accounts to publish the posts to.

I would also go to your Facebook Page Settings under Apps and add the Networkedblogs Tab to your page, so users can browse your blog posts directly from Facebook.


  1. its too difficult nowadays to get fans because fans cant suggest their friends a fanpage. Fb killed the viral growth option willingly! :@

    • Hi Robert!
      I was also disappointed when Facebook disabled the Suggest a Friends feature … but every change they make creates new opportunities. Users can still share on their Facebook walls and that is arguably more effective, especially if they add a reason to visit your page and you have an incentive like a free eBook or video when they like your page. I would add this free reveal tab app to your Facebook Page:
      And also add the Facebook like Box to your blog and these work well atm. Best of luck and thanks for supporting my blog!

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