Online Retailer Expo Sydney 2012 Discount Code, Free Pass & Session Preview #orec12

Hey guys,

Anyone else coming down to the Online Retailer Expo at Darling Harbour on Tues 17th and Wed 18th July?

You can get a free expo pass (no discount code needed) by registering online here.

You can also try the Online Retailer Discount Code DISC301 for $170-$435 some of the paid conference tracks like Mobile & Social Summit, Fulfilment Summit, Advanced E-commerce Essentials, Website Optimisation & Merchandising & Content Workshop

Will also be down at Darling Harbour for lunch with a few friends so hit me up on twitter @fatcowbusiness if you are around! Thinking a late lunch around 2.20pm after the Site Search session 🙂

The free expo pass includes:

Four keynote sessions
Big Ideas Theatre
IBM Seminar Theatre
E-commerce Technology Theatre
Expo Hall

Here are a few free sessions that looked good I was wanting to check out:

Keynotes – Parkside Auditorium

Tuesday 17th July

9.45 – 10.25 – KEYNOTE: Scale, Search and Hyper-Growth – How Wayfair is Growing by a Zillion Times – Tim Kilroy, Partner Development Director, Wayfair

At number 50 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 and climbing fast, Wayfair is one of the hottest etail stories of 2012. Over $600m in revenues per annum, and highly profitable, Wayfair is missile-lock focused on hyper-growth – and winning. In this exclusive Online Retailer keynote, learn how this homewares retailer leveraged organic search and resolved the complexity of consolidating 100 domains into three brands, built an indomitable platform for success, and drove the quest for hyper-growth in the US. Now, it’s Australia’s turn.

5.05 – 6.00 – Networking Reception – Should be good, hopefully some free drinks! If anyone is keen to go out in Sydney the best place on Tuesday night is Salsa @ Establishment on George St which has a packed house until 2am.

Big Ideas Theatre – Tuesday 17 July

12.10 – 12.40 – Expanding Web Analytics: Real World Applications for Visual AnalyticsChristian Bartens, Managing Director, Datalicious

In a market that is growing daily in sophistication, traditional web analytics tools and techniques are increasingly unable to deliver actionable and valuable insights from monitoring web traffic alone. A new era of digital analytics has sprung to life in its place, filling the gaps between online customer experience and real-world ramifications. In this talk, we’ll look at some of the latest techniques used by websites today, as well as innovative tools every online business needs to survive in a new digital world.

1.00 – 1.30 – Creating Meaningful Connections with your Digital CustomerKevin Panozza, Chief Engagement Orator, Engage P/L

The balance of power has shifted from Enterprise to the Customer.  Frank and candid conversations about your brand, products, services and customers’ experiences are occurring throughout the digital world.  A new wave of digital natives are presenting themselves as both opportunity and challenge for the present and future success of your business.  Are you able to participate in these digital conversations, anticipate and fulfil these customers’ needs on their terms, while profitably growing your business?

1.50 – 2.20 – Site Search Optimisation Tips to Improve Conversions and Revenue – Shaun Ryan, CEO, SLI Systems

Site abandonment is a big concern for many retailers and many times those visitors are lost when they are unable to find the products they are looking for. Optimising site search and navigation is key in retaining your visitors and turning them into buyers. Join Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems, and he discusses how to optimise your site search and navigation as well as how to look at your visitors’ behaviour to deliver a more personalised user experience across all online channels.

4.30 – 5.00 – Funnel 2.0: Next-Generation Conversion Optimization – Jonathan Ranger, Director of Professional Services, Kampyle

Gain a new understanding of your website funnels! Stop relying solely on exit, bounce and conversion rates. When serving the “connected consumer” tracking numbers is simply not enough. If you want to make sure your funnels meet all the expectations of your prospects and are delivering maximum performance, you have to track customer experience and behaviour inside your funnel. Eliminate the guess work from your optimization efforts by collecting and analysing customer feedback shared in your funnels – the most crucial customer touch points for any retail website.

E-Commerce Technology Theatre – Tuesday 17 July

11.35 – 12.05 Increase Relevance = Increase Conversions – Mark Allison, Director, WebTrends

Site optimisation is not a one-time activity, nor a one-off tactic. Site optimisation is the superset of activities including testing, segmentation, targeting, personalisation and recommendation of content. Executing any of these activities improves your online performance. Mark Allison will teach you how to optimise your website by letting your visitors decide what works best for them. See Webtrends customer examples from Australia and around the world and learn the true value of optimisation and the tangible business benefits associated with testing

E-Commerce Technology Theatre – Wednesday 18 July

2.05 – 2.35 Powering the Australian Economy – Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth – Chris Garner, Performance Strategy Director, dgmAustralia

We have all read the news, we all know the facts on how fast the ecommerce industry is growing, and we all know how much Australians’ spend online is growing every year. Let’s dig deeper around what are the successful digital strategies being deployed in the online marketing industry to power this phenomenal revolution. We will show you the inside story on which clients are making it look easy. We will show you the levers that can be pulled to influence the flow of the customer journey. These levers can increase conversion and lifetime value, and decrease wastage of your marketing dollars. We will show you practical ways that you can use these proven ideas in your business, to help garner incremental customers cost effectively.

IBM Seminar Room – Tuesday 17 July & Wednesday 18 July

1.30 – 2.15 Design tips from the trenches: fine tune your online shop for better usability – Daniela Meleo, Managing Consultant, User Experience, IBM Interactive

Using principles of good ecommerce design, and lots of current examples, Daniela will show you how to apply leading usability practices for online shops, including navigation design elements, category & product pages that work, product imagery that sells, effective use of social media features and shopping cart elements to help your customer complete their purchase

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