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Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive field. There are lots of little tricks and secrets that can give you a competitive edge, but it usually means getting into a lot more technical details than many marketers are used to. The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is one of the most profitable programs for affiliate marketers to work with, but getting a WordPress site up and running that is both SEO friendly and links to Amazon products correctly can be tricky. Amazon’s API can also slow down your site. This is where ReviewAzon Pro comes into play.

This ReviewAzon review is based on the current version which has a one-time fee and can be used on as many sites as you need. Right away you’ll notice a variety of amazing features that are tailored to take the headaches out of creating an Amazon affiliate site.

One of the coolest things this plug-in does is the Amazon Post queue. For me, adding a fresh product review blog entry every day is just not feasible. I usually work in large bursts on my site and then work on other endeavors for a few days. The post queue lets you create several product reviews and release them gradually over time to your site. This gives your readers something new to look at every day and keeps your site active even when you aren’t around.

All sorts of behind the scene features help make ReviewAzon an indispensable tool. Amazon’s API calls can be slow, but this system caches them so you won’t see slowdown when making API calls to Amazon. This system also handles cloaking of affiliate links to keep them SEO friendly. If you’ve ever done this manually, you’ll know that it’s a headache you’d gladly escape from.

I could go on and on about the incredible value of ReviewAzon, but if you want to create professional Amazon Affiliate sites and be able to add Amazon products and Affiliate links quickly and automatically I suggest you pick up ReviewAzon and try it for yourself.

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