Sydneys Cinderella Jacket Man – Viral Youtube Shill Marketing backfires

A Sydney woman Heidi Clarke did an online video about how she met a man at a cafe, didn’t get his number and can’t stop thinking about him. But in the video she shows he left his jacket behind, its beautiful has silk lining, claims to want to find him and give his jacket back.

The video went viral on youtube but was exposed as a viral marketing stunt for the jacket by an Australian menswear retailer.

Has been criticised as when first contacted by newspapers, she said it was a genuine search for love and not a fake viral stunt.

Lesson – most experts have agreed it is best to let the cat out of the bag, especially once caught. This video did suffer backlash and scathing comments from youtube. As of February 2011 it had 250,000 views but 363 dislikes compared to 152 likes.

Watch the youtube video “are you my man in the jacket”:

What do you guys think? Did this stunt do more harm than good? Was the 250,000 views worth it or did they come across as dishonest and make their viewers feel cheated?

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