Tips from Derek Halpern Social Triggers Session at Affiliate Summit East 2012 #ase12

Here are some top tips from Derek Halpern from Social Triggers’ session at Affiliate Summit East 2012 on How to Thrive Online with Social Triggers.

Learn proven psychological principles called Social Triggers—and how you can implement them into your online marketing strategy to create a swarm of traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

To get PR, come up with a unique hook

One of Derek’s friends launched a website called gentlement – Pinterest for men – then find every journalist that wrote about pinterest and newsjack them to write about pinterest for men

If competitor got featured on lifehacker – you can email that journalist with that unique hook to get your site featured

Draft behind other people

For Social Triggers, Derek Googled every marketing guru followed by interview and his goal was to be featured on all those sites

Just be drafting behind the fact that other people like me were being interviewed by the same sites

People love to link your site if you can give them a good reason to do it

Click to Tweet

You want to convince these people to share the content with their friends, followers, readers

Little share buttons on the left – boring

Derek has tested not having them there, and not having them there did not decrease the amount of shares. He keeps them there for social proof as they see 300 tweets people think it is legit

Create tweetables

Put a quote below – “You don’t need to be interesting to not be boring” – click to tweet

Here you are able to entice people to quote you

Sending under the radar signal that you are an expert and people to quote

Include this in our article

All I know is I would not let Google babysit my kids via @patflynn + link

How much traffic did he get – 643 extra hits, but in total his site got 11,445 hits in total

Website called – easy way to create those click to tweet links

A quick recap:

–          Start using click to tweet quotes in your articles

–          Get other bloggers to retweet using ego bait

–          Meet other bloggers and get links with ego bait

–          Create constructive-controversies for traffic spikes

Derek said pinterest not great for traffic, infographic got 1000 re-pins but only 100 hits

Derek says with his email list he does 1 pitch a month, may send 4-6 emails total

Has 50,000 subscribers on social triggers, 50% open up, 20% will click thru, he sends more content than sales pitch

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