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Working Tweet Adder Coupon Codes May 2016

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Tweet Adder Review

Tweet Adder 3 is the best twitter tool which allows you to automatically follow all the followers of another user, or users with keywords in their profile or tweets.

If your account and tweets are relevant, a large chunk will follow you back. And those that don’t you can automatically unfollow to keep within Twitter’s ratios.

The best practice is:

– don’t click mass follow at once, just queue the software to follow gradually over time

You can search people by keyword and location and then automatically follow them

Can use to follow all the people on a hashtag, say #ces

Can also follow all the followers of a user. Say you had a weight loss website. You can follow all the thousands of followers of @LitenEasyAU and @JennyCraig

You can set it to unfollow the people who do not follow you back. Set how many users you want to unfollow, the delay between how you want to unfollow. Twitter has limits, once you get to 2000 people, you can only follow 10% more people than that follow you. So especially once you to get to following 2000 you may unfollow people who don’t follow back

I have heard many people have also found that on keyword following you get more people following you back then when you try and just follow other peoples followers.

Using Tweet Adder for automatic following needs to be very tightly targeted in order to work, and used sensibly in conjunction with valuable tweeting. The more useful tweets you send out, the more tweets with popular hashtags, and definitely the more retweets and mentions you have the more followers you get.

Tweet Adder can give you a useful boost at the start, once you have a few thousand followers people often retweet and recommend you and you can go viral.

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  1. Tweet Adder is an awesome program. Been using it for years now. Great review!


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