VIDEO: Affiliate Summit West 2011| Snowboarder Accident | Skiing Toddler Snowboarding Crash

Hey guys, just arrived in the USA from Australia for Affiliate Summit West at Wynn Las Vegas so went snowboarding at Lake Tahoe for a few days first. Awesome weather, bright sunshine just like Sydney, yet lots of snow, the only reason I needed my beanie was to not get sunburnt!

From about 0.50 in the video this 3yr old skiing toddler bully swerves straight at me, and so I don’t hit him I end up stacking it and sliding horizontally head first into a tree! When I stopped the tree was right in front of my face!

At first I thought it was an accident, but if you listen carefully, at 0.52 the toddler clearly says “make you fall” then as he skis away he says something about “your head”. What exactly did that kid say? Even weirder earlier at 0.43-0.46 a kid says loudly “I fell right there over hitting the tree”, so maybe he planned the whole thing!

Haha so what do you guys think? Did this little skiing toddler bully do this on purpose or what! If so it was pretty hilarious and I’m glad he skied away unscathed. These kids on the slopes are unbelievable, there was another young kid who did a backflip while skiing!

Thanks to my friend Dr James (also from Australia, working as a snowboarding instructor at Lake Tahoe atm) for the snowboarding tips and filming (you were laughing at the toddler and not me right?)

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