VIDEO: Email vs Social Media & Facebook – Is Email Marketing Dead? AffiliatSyd 2011

Hey guys,

I flew back home to Australia from Europe to speak at Australia’s biggest Affiliate Marketing Conference Affili@Syd – I spoke about How to Skyrocket Followers using Facebook, Twitter and Blogging.

The AffiliatSyd conference this year was absolutely awesome – the crowd was so many keen and open minded affiliates and entrepreneurs and they were great! I LOVED IT and we were out until late at night with everyone!

In this video my good friend David Iwanow from The Lost Agency and I bring you some tips from AffiliatSyd 2011 and the Power Affiliate Panel, filmed live from Sydney Harbour!

Tips from the Affili@Syd Power Affiliate Panel

One of my favourite parts was the power affiliate panel with some really smart affiliates Fred Schebesta, James Kitchener and Susan Bratton debated topics like Email vs Social Media & Facebook for Affiliates, and also changes in Search vs Social Media Marketing.

Matt Bateman asked an interesting question to the panel – is email marketing going to become devalued?

Susan Bratton from Conversion Triggers was a huge fan of email giving visitors free content and getting their email

James Kitchener from OnlineMediaJunkies was a huge fan of email and gave a few tips from his experience:

– The easiest place to sell is email

– You can’t try to sell via Facebook, Twitter, SMS

– Email is the easiest place to engage a buyer

– Email will continue to be the best medium for affiliates

Fred Schebesta from Credit Card Finder made some interesting points too:

– The scope of what email was used for has decreased. E.g. emailing holiday pics, that is something that we may have used to email but that’s gone and been lost to Facebook

– Email is getting more noise and competition

The panel also discussed Search vs Social Media Marketing and problems with Affiliates getting Google slapped:

Moderator Matt Bateman from Viva9 – thought search engines will become less important, and people will be making decisions more based on buying recommendations from their network

Susan had some stories about being Google Slapped – so did people in the audience, angry at accounts getting slapped or banned by Google without warning

James also said with the SEM industry, it’s hard to have a data capture page and keep Google happy, and that Search Engine Marketing especially for Affiliates is going to get harder and harder.

I actually also remember Frederick Vallaeys the Adwords guy at Google did a session at Affiliate Summit New York 2010 about the Google slap and said “the days of easy money in affiliate marketing by search marketing are over” – which was scary to hear!

So Facebook and Social Media Marketing is a great opportunity, especially for affiliates.

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