VIDEO: Incentivize Social Media Followers like Cows: Lead a Horse to Water AND make it drink!

Hey guys!

This is Dave here from – coming to you LIVE from my High School as I came back today to be the guest speaker for our awards day which was awesome. (You can watch my speech to the James Ruse students – “Living Your Dreams: What I Wish I Knew in High School” here)

Anyway just recently while speaking at Affiliate Summit in New York City I told some lessons that I learnt on the school farm.

I was talking about how so many websites just let people land on their blog or Facebook page and, just hope they sign up, hope they follow you, and just hope they spread the word to all their friends. What kind of a business plan is that? Nothing will happen unless you make it happen.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Well, cows are different! No joke, my High School here is an Agricultural High School and we have a farm – and we were taught how to make animals drink.

True story, as you can see I went to an Agricultural High School so we had calves on the farm, and you can fill the trough with milk or water but they won’t drink, they will only suckle their mum or a bottle, or a finger. So we were taught, you dip your finger in the trough, and go “here”! And they’ll come. Then you do it again and make them come closer. Then you do it again and hold it just above the trough. Then you put your finger underneath the water, and BAM, you have taught the animal how to drink!

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You need to pull your customers through your funnel and incentivize them to take every single action you want.

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