VIDEO: Making Money with Clickbank- 5 Tips from A4uExpo 2011+ RUDE TSHIRTS at 2min

Ahoj! Dave here, I just finished speaking at A4uExpo Europe in Munich & got the train here to Prague.

Was filming this video on Making Money with Clickbank Tips from the A4uExpo presentation on the famous Charles Bridge in Prague and OMG from 1.35min-2.35min these guys with RUDE TSHIRTS started sneaking up behind me, waving and coming close up and flashing all the rude slogans on their t-shirts and cracking up! I had no idea at the time what was going on until I checked the video back at the hotel!

Anyway so one presentation I really enjoyed at the A4uExpo was “How to Harness the Opportunity Around Digital Information Products” by Neil Hartley from

Clickbank is basically a marketplace for selling digital products like ebooks and videos online, and total sales were half a billion dollars this year. What I love about it, is the offers you promote are not by big companies, but it’s a network of entrepreneurs, who are really keen to work together and commissions for selling ebooks and videos are as high as 75%. So I’ll give you guys my 5 Top Tips from the presentation on How to Make Money with Clickbank:

1. Non-English Clickbank products

Huge opportunity for Portuguese and Italian

1st Huge Opportunity is that 3 of the Top 5 Clickbank Products daily are not in English, usually 2 Spanish and 1 French.
One success story was Kristof Linder, who just took 10-15 good selling English products, and translated them into German, and clickbank is releasing  an automatic Vendor Joint Venture system which splits and shares the revenue with the original vendor of the English language product.
And clickbank is launching soon in Brazil, Portugal and Italy so creating, translating and marketing Clickbank products in languages like Portugese and Italian is a HUGE opportunity.

2. “How to” products sell very sell

Clickbank sales are impulse driven by basic human needs

2nd tip is many clickbank sales are impulse driven by basic human needs. So “How to” products, like “How to lose weight” or “How to get your partner back” sell very well. Some examples given of the top selling Clickbank Products were “The Truth About 6 Pack Abs”, “How to screencast like a pro” and “Seduce with Style” about fashion and dating.
One of the latest Clickbank Product success stories was Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz about How to do Affiliate Marketing through mobile. All of a sudden Adam appeared on the top vendors list with $500,000 sales on day one, so Clickbank called him in for a visit, he was an 18 year old kid, and he brought this older man with him to the meeting, who Clickbank said they thought was his business advisor until he called him Dad! So anyone can do it …

3. Focus on specific Micro Niche Markets

The 3rd Tip is there’s a great opportunity to focus on really specific Micro Niche Markets. Everybody knows something about some subject. One example of a microniche Clickbank product they gave was “How to attract hummingbirds to your garden” – now how many copies do you think that sells per year? No jokes, 220,000 copies a year!

4. Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Partner with influencers in your niche to promote

4th Tip is to use Joint Ventures and Partnerships. If you just make an ebook or video and just dump it on clickbank, often affiliates won’t pick it up. More often success happens by partnerships – which is something I always talk about – find the influencers in your market and partner with them to promote and recommend your product to their followers.

5. PitchPlus One Click Upsells work very well

Conversion rates on upsells between 35-50%

And the last 5th Tip was upsells work very well – Clickbank has a one click upsell feature called PitchPlus where you can offer customers a one click upsell option to buy related products. Clickbank said the conversion rate on an upsell can be between 35-50%, and the average selling price of an upsell is actually more than for original products.

So check out, the conference we were at was and for more tips on Making Money with Clickbank check out the Affiliate Marketing section of my blog,!


  1. Hi Dave, I just discovered your site after visiting the Affiliate Summit forum. Great tips on Clickbank.

  2. Hi Robin!
    Thanks glad you liked the video! I’m going to New York soon for Affiliate Summit so hopefully catch you there, your hypnosis site looks excellent btw 🙂

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