VIDEO: Social Network Marketing Tips for Business LIVE at Affiliate Summit with Jay Berkowitz

We filmed this video interview video LIVE from the Hilton Ballroom at Affiliate Summit East 2011 in New York City.

I caught up with Jay Berkowitz from who did a great talk at the last Affiliate Summit in New York and Jay gave us some tips on how to market your business in Social Media using the major Social Media Networks – Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

A few key points:

–          Jay mentioned Facebook Ads are a huge opportunity, for 8/10 of Jay’s clients Facebook Ads are outperforming Google Adwords, and it costs less to get a lead from Facebook Ads. I agree Facebook is a great opportunity as there is loss competition and many big companies have not moved in and bid up the prices like with Google Ads.

–          Don’t try to sell on Twitter – Jay says remember the three E’s – Educate, Entertain and Engage

–          Youtube is the No.3 Website in the World behind Facebook and Google, and what many people don’t know is it is the No.2 most popular Search Engine in the world behind Google. So more people are searching on Youtube than are even searching on Bing or Yahoo. So develop how to videos, educational videos, even just answer the Top 10 Questions people ask on your Youtube Channel.

For more information check out Jay’s site

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