World Internet Summit

World Internet Summit Australia 2011
Thurs Feb 24 – Sunday Feb 27 2011
Novotel, Brighton Le Sands, Sydney, Australia

I just got my tickets for World Internet Summit next week, run by Brett McFall and Tom Hua and various guest speakers from around the world.

I have been to some of Brett McFall’s “Make Money While You Sleep” seminars before and watched videos online of Tom Hua and various other speakers, they really break down the basics and explain things very simply for beginners. I still picked up a few useful things.

I’ll be honest with you guys, just so you are aware Brett’s seminars and what I have heard of World Internet Summit is that some of the presentations can get salesy towards the end as the speakers try and sell their coaching program or purchase their system. As long as you are aware of this there are also useful things to be learned.

For example, Brett’s session at the Crown Plaza Parramatta and Shangri-La Sydney, was completely free to attend and they hired the whole grand ballroom which must be quite expensive. Usually say the first 3 hours they teach you stuff and demonstrate their knowledge and the last part is about why you should join their paid program for more. If they spend most of the session teaching you stuff and the tickets are free or really cheap then this is fair enough they can plug their program at the end. That is usually the trade off for getting such cheap tickets and free advice.

Other thing is they use a bit of hype like “imagine what your life would be if you were rich” and pics of holidays and fast cars, personally not my style but it is a very successful marketing technique. Also some people in the audience really are some absolute newbie beginners with no clue, not listening, asking silly questions etc which can get annoying. These seminars are by far the EASIEST to follow I have ever seen, but seriously get up to speed and learn to use the internet and email and facebook first or you won’t make money with anything.

One cool thing they do is start an internet business from scratch and one person from the audience gets to keep the profits generated over the weekend, was $50,000 last time!

Tickets for World Internet Summit 2011 Australia are $197 and you can also bring a guest along for free, plus you get a Free World Internet Passport for future summits.  I guess this is pretty cheap compared to other seminars such as ad:tech Sydney where the 2 day paid seminars cost $2000 (adtech does have a free expo theatre which I will be checking out this year too).

Anyway lmk if you guys are coming to World Internet Summit. Anyone have any feedback from attending previous World Internet Summits, what did you guys think?

P.S. Anyone know where I can view a schedule of the sessions?

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