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WPSubscribers Review

I am writing this article to share my wonderful experience as a website administrator since I installed the WPsubscribers wordpress plugin 3 weeks ago to the wordpress websites I administrate. Here are some of the benefits of the WPsubscribers plugin that made my life simpler.
Among its functionalities, the WPsubscribers plugin will ensure that the subscribers will easily register to your website or blog and also subscribe to your content. This will increase the exposure for your content and increase your website follower base. This functionality of the WPsubscribers plugin is achieved by ensuring users are automatically subscribed to your lists upon registration, giving you the option of placing the listing subscription forms anywhere on your website and also the WPsubscribers plugin gives a listing subscription option upon adding a comment in the website content.
The WPsubscribers plugin enable you to add a little bit of style and class to your wordpress website. You have the option of creating pop-ups which will appear to the user when they enter and exit the website. This feature is a brilliant component of the WPsubscribers plugin because it will not only give you extra advertising space; it also has the capability of detecting first time visitors and displays a special message for them.
The WPsubscribers plugin helps you connect with your fans in facebook with the facebook connect options. With the WPsubscribers plugin, you will have the option of adding a facebook connect button which when clicked, the user will be able to connect with you and automatically they are added to your mailing list.
With the WPsubscribers plugin, you will have the capability of creating an unlimited number of subscription forms. These subscription forms include custom forms, popup forms and also exit forms. The benefit of this feature of the WPsubscribers plugin is the ability to have unique content for each form and the ability to use them separately; including embedding of the forms to your content. This will include adding sign up forms at the end of a post and chances are that if a user likes your post, they will not mind signing up and receive such other posts directly to their mailbox.
In conclusion, the WPsubscribers plugin has literally combined all other list building and user management plugins and combined them to one perfect plugin that not only helps you manage your users; it also helps increase the number of subscriptions and exposure your content has.

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