AffiliatSyd Australia 2011 Presentation Slides “Follow Me: Tips & Tools to skyrocket followers using Facebook, Twitter & Blogging”

Hi peeps,

I’ll update this page and send out all the slides, links, resources and tutorials mentioned in my speech “Follow Me: Tips & Tools to skyrocket followers using Facebook, Twitter & Blogging” at Affili@Syd Australia Affiliate Marketing Conference at the Menzies Hotel, Sydney on Wed 22nd June at 1030am.

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  1. Looking forward to your preso Dave and catching up for a drink.

  2. Dave – great presentation you provide a very energetic and highly informative session. I’m off to to have a look at that twitter tool you recommended, looks like a great tip for growing the followers.

  3. Hey mate, I think everyone really enjoyed your presentation yesterday, that was certainly the feedback we got! Thanks for all the specific tips too. Good to hear. We’ve had a few people looking for the presentation, so do let me know when it’s up!



  4. Hi Gav!

    Nice meeting you and thanks to all you guys at Viva9 so much for having me, I was blown away and thought the crowd was awesome, tonnes of entrepreneurs, affilliates, and really open minded to try new stuff, was a great conference, well done 🙂

    Slides are now embedded above in this very post and were added just in time on Monday before the email went out 🙂

    And also directly on slideshare:


  5. Hi James!

    Great seeing you again at Affili@Syd and thanks for your support and kind words! Lots of people have been interested in that Twitter Tool its called Tweet Adder at

    take care!

    P.S. Your site looks very cool! You should maybe pop down to one of the Sydney Travel Tribe meetups, they have a page on Facebook listing upcoming events, we had one on Tuesday night at Shangri-La just before Affili@Syd actually!

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