Chris Haddad Session at Clickbank Exchange 2012 – “Stupid” Copywriting Tricks to Triple Your Sales

Chris Haddad from Money Fingers Inc did a great session at Clickbank Exchange 2012 on “Stupid” Copywriting Tricks to Triple Your Sales, here are some top tips for the presentation:

#1 Find out the primal desire of your market and give it to them

#2 Use Punch in the Gut storytelling – cause an immediate emotional impact

e.g. How Power Example – No.1 product on Clickbank

Instead of “I’m an electrician who will teach you to make power”

Changed to a family story where 3 year old daughter comes in, blue lips and says “Daddy I’m cold”

Very good – common enemy of big corporations – here is a secret I will teach you the simple method the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about

Make it about the human story not just the actual product,  a personal story is even better

Classic story in make money niche – I was dead broke, my brother was off in NYC making half a million a year while I was making $24000 doing greeting cards then I discovered this one big secret …

More PIG stories and shock lines

Weight loss offer “Mummy, why are you so squishy”

Pick up offer “I felt humiliated and ashamed, never wanted to talk to a girl again”

How to make a ballsy promise:

Go for the best situation they can attain

Start – by writing the promise you would make if you could wave a magic wand and there were no rules and no limits

Much better to go there and drag it back to reality, rather than starting from the other side with a weak promise

Good promises are detailed and specific promises – you will slash your power bill by 70% and

Paint a specific picture in your prospects mind about what is going to happen for them and what their reality is going to be

#3 Use a magic mechanism to add an irresistible hook to your offer

“Mechanistic” benefits versus “Naked” benefits

Remember – your prospect has low self esteem about the topic you’re selling them. They don’t believe they can do it themselves and want to rely on a “magic button” to do it for them (I don’t want to learn to fish, I just want an endless supply of fish for free)

If they are looking for help on something, they really don’t believe they can do it themselves, have failed before

“Dummies” books are successful because of low self esteem

Adding tools and done for you stuff to your product increases conversions – like worksheets etc. Higher conversions and fewer refunds

#4 Confirm the prejudices, irrational beliefs and soul crushing fears your market already has around your big idea or niche

“Enter the conversation already going on in their mind”

But also dive into the war going on in their heart

“If you can give voice to what I privately believe or fear in my heart but have never told anyone, I’ll trust you forever”

Reflect their experience back to them.

#5 Transform buying your $%^& into a noble and heroic act


People buy based on emotion and justify with logic

Transform buying your stuff into “The Right Thing to Do”

Buyer’s pride instead of buyers remorse

Financial product – say it will make you a hero to your family

Pick up niche – Nice guy who would treat a girl really nice gets to learn how to “rescue” the girls from the assholes out there. “picking up chicks” becomes “rescuing women”

Saving Money on power “protecting my little girls from those idiots in the government”

#6 Use Aftercare Q and A to remove objections and boost your sales

During your pitch sell as hard as you have to

Aftercare – post pitch shift in tone – “we’re just friends talking … I want to make sure you make the right choice”

Saw a 20% increase in conversions when we implemented this

If you have a really great product – aren’t you being a dick by not selling them as well as you can?

End with we are almost done here and you have 2 choices – Option 1, go back to what you were doing, go look at your bank account and be depressed, go back and be lonely, but we both know what you are doing isn’t working and if you go back things are going to be the same or get worse

Option 2 – you can take what you learned here today and try and do it yourself, but you know from the video it took me a long time to figure this out, and if you try it yourself the odds are pretty good you will mess this stuff up

Option 3 – You can risk absolutely nothing as we have a 60 day guarantee, click add to cart below, and let me do all the work for you …

What type of bonuses to include:

– Future problems bonus, something they don’t need yet but will need.

People are always looking for something new and a new idea they haven’t heard before e.g. with IM niche, now its Facebook, then twitter, then Pinterest etc

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