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I have researched the affiliate networks in Australia and if you are looking for a Self Serve Australian Affiliate Network Clixgalore is by far the cheapest to get started with. There are no monthly fees and no setup fee, you just have to deposit $150 and that is used towards paying your affiliates. Unlike other networks, as stated there are NO joining / setup fees, or monthly fees. You can join clixGalore Affiliate Marketing and start promoting your website for as little as $150 (This is your opening account balance and used to pay your Affiliate commissions). Clixgalore just charges a 25% service fee of what is paid to the affiliate every time a sale goes through.

Publishers earn revenue and Merchants increase website traffic and sales – Only Pay Commission When You Receive An Order At Your Website.

When Affiliates place Merchant banners or text advertisements on their websites, in emails or newsletters, the Merchant will specify how much they are willing to pay Affiliates for a ‘sale’, ‘lead’ or ‘click’ from the Affiliates website to the Merchants website. When one of the above transactions occur, the Affiliate is paid. The clixGalore Affiliate Marketing service fee is 25% and based on what is paid to the Affiliate. For example, if a Merchant is willing to pay an Affiliate $10 per sale, the Affiliate will receive $10, clixGalore Affiliate Marketing will receive $2.5. The total cost to the Merchant is $12.5.

Guys please be aware that if you are paying no monthly fee and no setup fee there is unfortunately very little service or response from Clixgalore. So at the moment I would recommend putting your program on the ShareASale Affiliate Network which offers far greater features and communication.

In any case, with all Affiliate Networks please understand you are really just getting a tracking / payment platform and for any affiliate program to get off the ground involves reaching out to partners in your niche with high traffic websites or large databases and getting them to promote your product. That is why people pay larger networks charge thousands of dollars per month to encourage the influencers in your niche market or the large affiliates / publishers out there to promote your offer to their databases and to their followers. You could also hire an Affiliate Manager or Outsourced Program Manager to recruit affiliates and put rules in place to prevent rogue affiliates like trademark bidders and malware toolbars etc highjacking your program.

Dave and FatCowBusiness have 15+ years experience in Affiliate Marketing both as a Merchant, Publisher and Consultant so we know all the tricks of the trade and also have many contacts from travelling the world speaking at all the biggest Affiliate Marketing conferences around the world including Affiliate Summit and A4uExpo so if you would like us to setup / manage your program or provide expert consulting please contact us.

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