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DirectoryPress Review

When it comes to online directories the first names that comes to mind are DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory, they were the first ones to enter into the market, they are huge. Back then starting our own directory site was very costly and time consuming. A revolutionary plugin for WordPress changed that, a plugin called DirectoryPress can save your time as well as money.
To start your own directory all you need is a domain, hosting, WordPress and the DirectoryPress plugin, that is it you will be able to start your own site within minutes.
You know why I like DirectoryPress? Because of its simplicity as well as amazing design. It really doesn’t matter if you are a programmer or an amateur, at the end you will get a beautiful site with lots of functionality.

DirectoryPress Features:

DirectoryPress comes with 20 different directory layouts which can be used in any niche you are targeting, it is not ending with 20 layouts whenever there is an update you’ll get it for free! If you are not satisfied with the built-in layouts you can also create your own layout.

Worried about how to get traffic to your directory ? No worries then DirectoryPress has all the features you need for on-page SEO, additionally it is also optimized for faster loading and less usage of server memory.

A unique feature that DirectoryPress provides is a thumbnail image API, whenever a user doesn’t upload an image and just enters a website address then the plugin will automatically create a screenshot of the website address and use it as a thumbnail.

Unlimited sites – If you have purchased DirectoryPress once you don’t need to purchase every time you create a new directory, you can use the license for an unlimited time as long as the site is yours, so you can create 1000s of niche directories while paying for one license.

Monetize with Paid Listings – DirectoryPress also has a module to monetize your directory site for paid listings, you can also integrate your custom code with it because you will get the whole code while purchasing it, additionally the developer is very co-operative and provides 24/7 support whenever you stuck with anything.

So overall DirectoryPress is a wonderful plugin for creating niche directories, I would rate my experience 4.9 out of 5 stars for the plugin.

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