VOTE: Which Australian Animal should I give away during my Affiliate Summit Presentation?

Top - Kangaroo, Koala. Bottom - Platypus, Wombat

Hey guys! I’m really excited to be speaking at Affiliate Summit 2011 in New York City, I’ll be giving away a Boomerang and Didgeridoo … I’m still deciding on the last prize though, I want to bring an animal from Australia so I need your help, please vote which Australian animal I should give away:

A) Koala – You guys probably think from watching Oprah that Koala’s are all cute and cuddly, but they actually have some serious claws to dig into all those trees they climb.

B) Kangaroo – The Kangaroo and Emu are the two animals on the Australian Coat of Arms. You know why? Because they can only go forward, they can’t go backwards.

C) Platypus – They look like a beaver but with a duck’s bill. I was originally thinking to call my blog BusinessBeaver, as for such a little animal it gets a lot of searches! Maybe there’s something I don’t know about there …

D) Wombat – these are cool little animals that burrow and dig holes.

Anyway, I want to give away one of these animals, so make sure you vote – Koala, Kangaroo, Platypus or Wombat, and I’ll see you guys in New York City!


  1. I’d think the Kangaroo is the clear pick, and I didn’t even know about the part where they can only move forward. I learned something I can impress my kids with from your blog!

  2. A LIVE animal? Can you really bring those over here?!?!

    -Amy 🙂

    • Hi Amy! Haha I’m sure live Kangaroo’s are allowed, I guess if something goes wrong at customs and I’m missing from #ase11 you know why 🙂 Thanks for supporting the poll and catch up soon in NY!

  3. I vote for the wombat…. only because I love saying “Wombat…”

  4. Hey Dave – are you sure you want to do this to a living animal?
    Not really yours to give away mate.
    Better check with RSPCA first.

    • Hey John! It’s no worries the RSPCA is down with it, the kangaroo has it’s own seat and is flying next to me in First Class, all meals and entertainment provided 😉

  5. I am a tad cross that the Platypus isn’t the front runner! Oh well, I’ll find my own plush platypus (woot woot alliteration). Pumped to see you at ASE Dave!

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