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WP Robot Review
WP Robot, the hugely successful and powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress has just been updated to version 3. To be honest, it isn’t really an update, but more of a major rewrite of the code to offer a wider range of features and almost unlimited possibilities.

Even though the features have been greatly enhanced, the plugin is still very easy to use due to its logical structure and instant help boxes within the administration menu.

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No matter which way you use WP Robot, one of the biggest benefits of WP Robot is that the content produced doesn’t look like automated content, especially with the randomizing process making the content look natural to both visitors and search engines alike. And there are plenty of different options for your randomization.

With WP Robot you will be able to create targeted blog posts on any topic or niche you like without having to write anything – this allows you to switch your blog onto complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content at regular intervals that you can specify. And the best part – all the posts created will be targeted to the very keywords you specified!

At the moment WP Robot offers the following modules to your blog automatically and of course you have full control over which kind of posts will be created!

Amazon Module

The WP Robot Amazon Module uses the official Product Advertising API to request product information from Amazon and can create blog posts for any product sold on Amazon. It can also add all the reviews found on the product page and post them as comments! You will need a free API account to use this module.

Article Module

The Article Module can automatically post targeted articles for any keyword you specify to your blog, sourced from the large articlesbase.com article directory which contains thousands of articles! The template system also allows you to modify the look of your posts however you want.

eBay Module

The eBay Module can add the most recent and most popular auctions from eBay for your specified keyword(s) to your blog on complete autopilot. This module can also be added on to all of your posts if you want!

Clickbank Module

The Clickbank Module can drip-feed ads from clickbank.com to your blog posts.

Yahoo Answers Module

The Yahoo Answers Module will retrieve questions and answers related to any topic you choose from Yahoo Answers and automatically add them to your blog.

YouTube Module

Videos are really hot on the internet these days and the YouTube Module will easily add videos on any topic you choose to your bog on total autopilot. Comments on the videos can also be included as comments on your post.

Flickr Module

With the WP Robot Flickr Module you can create a popular image blog by adding screenshots, images and other media on any topic from Flickr.com to your blog automatically. By using the flexible and powerful MIX feature, you can also add the images retrieved by the Flickr module to any of the other module posts you have.

Yahoo News Module

The Yahoo News Module retrieves the latest news from Yahoo News, which indexes millions of news posts from thousands of important websites every day, which can be posted to your blog.

RSS Module

The RSS Module allows you to add any RSS feed you find to WP Robot and the plugin will post its content to your blog on a regular basis. When you consider the number of RSS feeds out there, you should never run out of high quality content this way.

Translation Module

The Translation Module is different from the other modules in that it doesn’t add any new content to your blog. Instead, what it can do is translate any content created by other modules into many different languages. You can use its powerful multi-translation feature to rewrite posts and create unique content instantly!

Creating a campaign is simple and easy – simply enter your Campaign name and the keywords you want together with the category names and posting frequency and you are in business.

You can then select your post template layout using the “Load Preset” option.

You can view all the pre-made template layouts available on the Templates page and of course you can customize your templates to suit.

There is also an Options page, where you can select your General Options together with the available options for each module you have such as Amazon Associates ID, Clickbank Affiliate ID, eBay Affiliate Id and etc.

You can also see details of all the campaigns that you have setup, including campaign names, keywords, categories, posts created and the date for the next post.

I doubt that there would be any other autoblogging software available that could create autoblogs with more diverse content than WP Robot, which arguably makes it the most advanced WordPress autoblogging software on the market.

WP Robot also has some advanced features needed for autoblogging, such as the ability to cloak affiliate links automatically and randomize the post times to make your autoblogs look more natural. WP Robot can also backdate new posts in order to create to create the “illusion” that a website is older than it is.

Another big plus is that WP Robot is affordable. Many other autoblogging solutions for WordPress charge you a monthly fee to use them or require a large up-front payment, while offering fewer features. Purchasing WP Robot requires a one-time payment and you can then use it on as many of your own websites as you like.

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